About Us

Meet Stacey

I love beautiful spaces. I love home. I love candles. As a designer, I create spaces that people want to live and work in. My home is no exception. It’s a sacred place for me and my husband—our sanctuary. Home is the place where we retreat, refresh, and recharge. The rooms in our home have become prayer hubs. Over time, we have gravitated to these spaces to break away from the day to refuel with prayer. I decided to develop the Sanctuary Collection (Clarity, Rest, Peace, and Gather) and our exclusive prayer candle, Devotion, to help others to create an atmosphere in their home that nourishes their spirit.

When reimagining a space in my home or giving a room a complete makeover—candles have always been the perfect accessory to create a peaceful ambiance. However, prayer and meditation are the intangible add-ons that have made my home a warm and welcoming sanctuary.

So, light a candle and fill your sanctuary with the aroma of prayer.